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Concrete Cutting

con cut 1.png

Concrete Sawing is the most precise and efficient form used to create openings through concrete.

Concrete sawing is a water cooled operation which controls the amount of dust flow in the air; the dust can also be vacuum extracted for a cleaner, lower risk job.

Dust exposure is not only is a nuisance when working but is a huge health risk that can cause major prolonged or permanent issues if precautions are not carried out carefully.

A double slit through re-enforced concrete, tarmac, stone etc can be cut using a floor saw or wall saw to create a chase, it is generally created for conduits, specified channels, electric lines and many other services.

For those deeper cuts a floor saw can be utilised, it uses a diamond tipped blade mounted on a petrol, Diesel or 3 phase power sourced machine, the floor saw feeds the high powered rotating blade down into the concrete or other material to the required depth.

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