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Diamond Drilling

Stitch Drill.png

Diamond Core Drilling is the fastest and most efficient method to bore a consistent specified sized hole, ranging from 12mm up to 300mm diameter.

As this method is using a rotary movement, the noise and vibration when drilling into the material is immensely lower in comparison to other demolition practices, such as using a heavy breaker & other controlled demolition tools

core Drill.png

Core Drilling is a water-cooled operation, this controls the amount of dust exposure in the air providing a safer environment to work in, this method is applied when a hole is required through materials such as soft or hard concrete, stone, tile, brick and other masonry units.

Large openings can also be created using stitch drilling which is drilling multiple adjacent holes that marginally overlap each other, using stitch drilling allows for openings to virtually any length and diameter.

core Drill.png
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