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67-69 Croydon Road

A new site being developed, Cart Forde tasked us to drill holes at various widths and depths for new pipe services around the site.

Croydon Rd
Crawley House

The Sanatan Hindu Mandir Project

This Gorgeous Hindu temple had been defecated on by countless birds over the years, it was time for a wash down, we came in with mortar safe detergent and a powerful jet wash to remove all matter from the outside of the building.

As the design was very intricate, it required a lot of patience and focus, least to say the building looked even more spectacular once cleaned.

We were also tasked to create a brand new security post building from scratch, it had a security post, office room cupboard and a toilet. they were more than happy with the results

Sanatan Hindu Mandir

The Aberfeldy Tavern Project

A tavern to be taken down and turned into a modern apartment complex, as the building was attached to the adjacent building we needed to separate the first then using a 12t excavator demolish it to the ground.

We then needed to landscape the area, add the new drainage system, a concrete base, waterproofing and lay the new foundation ready for the building to be raised.

Aberfeldy Tavern​
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